Sponsor the Programme

If you are a space company looking to hire young talent in the UK across several disciplines you may wish to consider sponsoring the Prospero Space Programme.

You will immediately become part of the Prospero Fellowship Family, and join a group of organisations growing the next generation of space leaders.


Quality Candidates

The Fellowship will pre-filter applicants to the Prospero Space Programme. The host organisations will each receive a number of applications from the highest quality candidates.

Added Value to Internship

As a Fellow of the Prospero Space Fellowship, the Fellows will receive training across different disciplines and supportive, guiding mentoring in addition to the internships and in support of them.


Public Support for the Next Generation

Many companies seek to help foster young talent but are unsure as to where to start. By sponsoring the Prospero Space Programme, you make a clear and public declaration that you are helping to usher in the next generation of space leaders, supporting the growth of UK skills.

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