To inspire University students to join the space industry.

Our Mission

The Prospero Space Fellowship seeks to inspire University students from across the UK to join the space industry; whether it is as a scientist, engineer, regulator, policy adviser, investor or in relation to business development, marketing, space sustainability or as an artist.

We are a not-for-profit organisation which partners with some of the most innovative space companies in the UK and globally to provide:

Mentorships, with two inspiring experts within the industry (one from the scientific, engineering side and one from the business, finance, regulatory side of the industry); paid internships; and a leadership retreat with opportunities to bond and network; establishing a Prospero community.

The engagement of the Fellows with the Prospero Space Fellowship will be for two years.

Our goal is to increase skills, talent and diversity in the vibrant and growing UK space sector by providing enticing opportunities for young people.

We seek to provide support to passionate and accomplished students to enable them to learn more about, and experience, working in the space industry, and all the opportunities that offers - and become innovative leaders themselves.

How We Do It