Frequently asked questions.


How many fellows are chosen each year?

We have 17 awesome Prospero Fellows in the 2023 inaugural class. Applications are now open for the class of 2024 which will have 15 places available.

Who is eligible to become a Fellow?

1. You are an undergraduate student. You can be enrolled in any type of undergraduate institution including universities, technical colleges, and apprenticeships. The institution does not need to be in the UK.

2. You are available for full-time employment for a reasonable amount of time in the summer of 2023. The internships will be for a minimum of three weeks long but will more likely be for eight. You must be able to work for at least that amount of time during the summer months. We define summer quite loosely as institutions have their own schedule. We will try to work around any existing commitments you already have.

3. You are eligible to work in the UK on a paid summer internship. We do not require Fellows to be British citizens, but are currently unable to provide help with visas and other immigration requirements.  

The internships could be based anywhere in the UK and we will work with the Fellows and the companies offering the internships to facilitate the ease of organisation and logistics.


We aim to be as inclusive as possible with the Prospero Programme. If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility, please reach out and we will do our best to assist you.

How do I apply to become a Fellow?

Please visit the Apply page for more information about applying to the Prospero Program.

Are you affiliated with any other fellowship or internship programs?

The Prospero Space Fellowship has taken significant inspiration from other fellowship programs such as the Brooke Owens, Patti Grace Smith, Matthew Isakowitz, and Zenith Pathways Fellowships. We are not affiliated with these institutions, but greatly appreciate the efforts of these organisations to trailblaze the path that we are taking.

Will I only be considered for the Host Companies I indicate on my form?

All of our applicants are considered as potential matches for all of our host institutions. That being said, we will listen to your preferences and take them strongly into account.

How does matching work?

We believe that matching is the best way to give a Fellow the best possible experience. Many applicants may not be familiar with all the host organisations, or may be interested in multiple roles at multiple places. We, at Prospero, can use our experience in the industry to holistically match fellows with companies in a way that maximises the chance of a truly valuable summer internship.

When you apply to become a Fellow, you specify the roles that excite you, the host organisations you’d most like to work for, and what you are looking to get out of a summer internship. 

The host institutions, in turn, tell us what they are looking for in a successful candidate – both in terms of skillset and cultural fit. Once we have all this information, the Fellowship will match each finalist to one or more institution. 

How can I support the programme?

We’d love to hear from you! We are always looking for people who would be interested in helping to organise the programme or in mentoring a Fellow. If you’d like to help out, please contact us!

Who runs the Prospero Fellowship programme?

The Fellowship is run by a team of volunteers from across the UK space industry and is funded by UK space companies. You can find out more about our leadership team here.

Is the Prospero Fellowship non-profit?

Yes, the Prospero Space Fellowship is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. No single company has a controlling interest in the Prospero Programme.